Wesley Anne: 250 High Street, Northcote

I am unable to count the amount of times my parents have instructed me to pay this venue a visit and so with high expectations, I ventured out to this old-fashioned bar for a friends birthday drinks – the perfect opportunity to scope out what all of the fuss was about.

Upon arrival, noting the coolness of building’s exterior was unavoidable. With young, indie, twenty year-olds smoking out the front and drinking beer, as well as loud jazz music coming from the band room, you instantly know that this place is going to be something special. With huge, inviting doors at the entrance, the space opens up to seating along the left side, and the bar along the right. It’s charm hits you square in the face, gothic and dark, it was vastly evident to me at first glance why this bar is so iconic in Northcote.

To the left, there is another whole room, filled to the brim with people, all listening and grooving along the band of the night – so cool.

Situated at the back of the venue are a few booths with candles and curtains draping across the top of them, do I even need to say it again? SO cool.

We headed out the back to where the party was at, and I loved the brick path, various umbrellas and heated areas – practical for and appreciated by a gal who doesn’t like to hide her outfit! The outdoor space is cozy, with bright lights hidden in amongst the trees, and a great old caravan right at the back – such charisma!

Upon venturing to the bar, I was intrigued as to how the bar staff would treat us. Being an incredibly trendy venue, I was expecting rude and too-cool-for-school employees however, I was pleasantly surprised to be served by a polite and interested young man who looked younger than I am!

The birthday girl ordered a range of food plates including sliders, carrot cakes and mini shredded beef tartlets. Whilst I only tasted a couple of items from these dishes, I was impressed with what I did eat.

Overall, the Wesley Anne did not disappoint and I am eagerly awaiting my next visit.

I highly recommend the Wesley Anne for a summer drinks party in the back beer garden (you can book the space!) or for just for when you’re looking for a cool bar free of pretentiousness which, around the Northcote area can sometimes be a struggle.


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