My Favourite Stores

Whenever I am asked the question “So! You love fashion, what is your favourite store?” I automatically say “Gorman, of course!!”

Which is absolutely true. But to say that I always shop there would be a significant lie (have you seen their prices!?)

So I thought I would make things easier and group my favourite stores including footwear.


I am well aware that Sportsgirl has both its extensive range of lovers however there are also those who believe Sportsgirl isn’t worth it. Whilst I agree that their prices are generally far too high most of the time – the love I have for their sales is indescribable. Also – their jewellery is above all competing brands, why? So on-trend and the amount of accessories the store has across the year is phenomenal.

Here is why Sportsgirl is great.

Firstly, the brand remains forever on trend. Oh, stripes are in? Head into Sportsgirl and you are sure to find a dozen different striped shirts. When espadrilles came back, Sportsgirl were one of the first to provide their customers with an affordable range of comfy yet trendy espadrilles.

Secondly, the quality is very good. You might disagree with me and that is A-Okay however, I just counted that I own twenty-one Sportsgirl items, two pairs of shoes, endless jewellery pieces and a black clutch and red over-sized bag, and the quality has not only been consistent but lasted years and the clumsy and ignorant care I take of my clothes.

Thirdly, the brand is everywhere across Australia! You are able to access them wherever and this makes them popular.


The relationship I have with Gorman is an obsessive one. My adoration for their clothes is so significant that you can find me on their site every single day making sure to keep on top of the latest arrivals, then updating my wishlist and also remaining acutely aware of any sales. Gorman is known for their gorgeous prints and lovely silhouettes and I do not shy away from falling head-over-heels for virtually every piece they have ever released, however I have only had the funds to purchase their product in the last few years (on sale, though!)

So what do I own?

I own a beautiful pink shirt of which I waited all season until it was on sale and I purchased right after the conclusion of my first uni exam – retail therapy, my favourite way to celebrate any achievement.

I also own a simple, dark green, figure-hugging jumper (which I sometimes pair with the pink shirt). This jumper, whilst I will never ever wear it to uni (far too good) is so versatile and I find goes incredibly well with not only my black jeans and black formal pants, but also my blue denim boyfriend jeans. Instant love. Instant purchase. (When it was on sale, of course)

My third Gorman item is my favourite Gorman item that I own. They are a pair of light purple suede heels with a heel height of around five cm and I don’t know how to describe them other than the fact they are my favourite pair of shoes – they automatically make me smile (cringe-worthy, I know) but seriously, their hold over me is quite a significant one!

Country Road

Country Road is awesome. Their prints, shoes and accessories are all amazing and if I had more money I would definitely invest in more of their clothes (cry face).

What I own:

I own a knitted jumper, which is so thick it means I don’t need a jacket/coat (instant love). I have this jumper in two colours, a burnt orange and dark navy. They go with everything – wonderful investments.

I also own a cream jumper that is flimsy and not as tight as the jumpers described above, and is nowhere near as thick. I do very much love this jumper, it is perfect for uni on those mild days.

I also own a pair of bathers from Country Road which I purchased last year! They had to send them to me from Perth but I’m not complaining – they were so worth the wait even if I did miss out on receiving them before schoolies!! I also have the iconic Country Road beach towel!

Tony Bianco (TB)

Waiting for the sales at TB is a skill and it’s something that I think I do very well! You can always be sure that the quality of a TB shoe is going to be top-notch and for me, this is so important. TB have a incredible range of shoes, some that are specifically on trend and some that are elegantly timeless and something you can invest in and know that the style will never go out of fashion.

I only own two TB shoes (but am in the middle of debating with myself as to whether I will be a new pair of sandals… decisions, decisions!

One pair is a pair of boots. They are brown and they are suede, also heeled! I have worn them nearly everyday to uni and as a result I have worn them to the ground. Which has reminded me… I should get them fixed!! The point is, they are extremely comfortable.

The second pair is a gorgeous pair of platform, leather brown heels. Whilst highly impractical, these shoes are so beautiful and I have been known to spend $70 on repairing them from alcohol damage…


ASOS is perfect for those bare essentials that you can’t seem to find anywhere else. I have bought shoes, jewellery and a skirt from ASOS and have continued to be thrilled with their free shipping!

The shoes I bought were a pair of green, suede desert boots that have improved my style through being effortlessly cool and not doing any damage to my feet, as they are flat shoes!

The skirt I bought was a pale mink midi skirt, however I was quite disappointed with the size as even though it is labelled my size it is a huge two sizes two big for me. I am to poor to have it altered for $50 (the skirt was only $20 on sale!!) so I have decided to pin it, which is working well so far.

Dorothy And Evelyn

Located on High Street, Northcote, Dorothy and Evelyn is a gorgeously cute store devoted to supplying its customers with kitch and cute gift pieces, the latest in vintage dresses and Minkpink’s latest range as well. Every single time I have visited this store I have walked out with bag in my hand, containing something new to add to my ever-growing wardrobe.

I own two skirts from Minkpink that I bought from this store, one is burgundy and the other is floral a mixture of yellow, blue and black.

I have also purchased many a gift from this store, always managing to find something adorable for close friends.

I also own a vintage dress which is the easiest thing to throw on when I don’t know what else to wear – effortlessly cute.


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