Summer Plans

So I had my last day of first year university today and I cannot believe that it is virtually over (give or take two exams) and that I will soon be enjoying a three and a half month summer break.

I am incredibly excited for this break.. So excited that I have made so many plans already that the list might actually be getting too long!

Before you question my sanity in regard to organising so many things to do over my summer break there is one thing you should know: I am a HUGE busy-body. I will never forget the start of February this year when I turned to my family and surrounding friends and announced I was over holidays – I needed something to do.
So this year, I have been more organised and developed various projects (including this blog!) that I am keen to develop of the next few months.

However, shortly after I announced my need for a purpose in the summer break earlier this year, I was diagnosed with Glandular Fever.
As a result, I do need to take it easy and do my best to have days where I just don’t do a damn thing at all. This, unfortunately, is much easier said then done.

Plans for summer:
1. Writing as many articles/posts for this blog as I can to get it up and running how I want!

2. I want to spend as much time as possible with my beautiful boyfriend. Both of us are so excited to have the opportunity to have more time together and visit the cafés/restaurants/bars we have been meaning to for ages + go on endless picnics!!

3. Continuing with my two volunteer programs.

4. Catching up with old friends from high school, prioritising the ones I actually want to spend time with.

5. Complete a week of work experience at Disney Australia (hurrah!)

6. Spending quality time with each individual family member.. Movies with my siblings.. Shopping with my mum.. Coffee with my dad.. Lunches with my Nanna.

7. Work as much as I can (money, money, money!)

8. Get more into meditation! Find a track that suits me and get into the groove of it.

9. Get into ‘Body Balance’ (Gym class)

10. Watch all the movies I have always been meaning too.


Bring on summer people!

What do you have planned? Let me know in the comments section!


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