Axil Coffee Roasters: 332 Burwood Road, Hawthorn

The prospect of paying ‘Axil Coffee Roasters’ a third visit in the space of four weeks made me quite a happy girl. I have had lunch there once before with my mother and have had coffee there once with a colleague and each and every time have thanked myself for choosing Axil. Why?

Because their food is not only fresh, but is of the best quality. With every bite or sip of coffee you take, you don’t feel remotely guilty because whilst you might be consuming chips, they are so light and fluffy you can easily convince yourself that they are, in actual fact, good for you. And I am always down for chip consuming! The food may be on the slightly on the expensive side (for a uni student!), but the meal sizes are quite large and fill you right up for the rest of your day. Don’t get be wrong though, the sizes are nothing too intimidating, but I would recommend eating light before you visit.

Friendly staff greet you upon arrival and generally you can find a seat quite easily, it is a huge space after all! Speaking of the space, the fit out of this gorgeous café is just that: Gorgeous. Whilst the café is quite wide, it goes back a far way down as well. With a lengthy counter stretching down the right-hand side filled with ‘Axil’ coffee products and freshly made baked goods, including delicious muffins, the entire left side of the venue is left for seating. Separating the two parts of the café is a vertical garden filled with pot plants, making for a very serene environment. The lights are stunning and make for a very light setting with high ceilings and in contrast to the dark black walls.

Unfortunately, knowing that we had class at 12:30, meant that my friend and I had to get to ‘Axil’ quite early, 11:30am early. Little did we know, that lunch is not served until 12pm! So we waited, and ordered at 11:55am exactly, thank goodness our food didn’t take too long to come out!

Both my friend and I ordered the steak sandwich, which came out in a pide type of bread roll, has rocket, onion jam, tomato and cheese. Small portions of ‘Fat-boy’ chips accompany the sandwich, which were absolutely great.

I highly recommend ‘Axil Coffee Roasters’ for a special occasion, it is a sophisticated venue with delectable meals, which define a good lunch and leave you satisfied and content.


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