Dreaming of a summer gathering

I should be studying. I know that I should be. I have been living and breathing marketing and media studies for the past couple of weeks and as a result am tired of thinking about marketing channels and media spectacles (actually, media spectacles are really interesting – ANYWAY!)

Tonight, I just couldn’t fight it. I closed my laptop down, got out my phone and started writing in notes.

I have been planning a summer gathering. A relaxed, casual summer gathering with my lovely friends.

Last year, I hosted a dinner for 12 of my closest friends of which they all loved however I believe some didn’t fully appreciate the occasion of a dinner party (not that they meant that deliberately or maliciously)

I’m not quite sure why I am writing this post other than to dob myself in for dreaming of this event instead of getting some work done.. but seriously – how amazing do gourmet vegetarian pizzas for main and chocolates covered strawberries for dessert sound? Yep, thats what I thought. Perfection.

I envisage a night outside, when it is warm out and the sun is refusing to go down. A punch bowl will greet my friends on arrival, and main will take place outside, lights strung across our heads and candles lit everywhere. The food will be so incredibly appealing that it will look too good to eat, and following this? We’ll have chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate brownies and tea to conclude, most likely inside because it will be dark by then.

DO I DARE SAY IT? Utter perfection.


The image I have used for this post is the image that gave me inspiration to start planning this gathering, good on you Tumblr.


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