Julien Blanc: #takedownjulienblanc

I came across the petition for Hotel Como in South Yarra, Melbourne to not host Julien Blanc this Thursday night, the 6th of November, whilst on Facebook when I should have been studying.

What the petition described enraged me.

This young man is promoting the physical and emotional abuse of women, claiming that what will follow is women not being able to resist men and feeling the need to sleep with them right away.

Not only is this disgusting, amoral and offensive it is the perfect example of the promotion of rape culture which is unbelievably alarming due to the pull and following Blanc already holds across the world.

Curious has to what exactly this man who calls himself ‘Pimp’ claims and advocates, I watched a few of his videos on YouTube.

Before he even opened his mouth I was already angry, and what followed appalled me even further.

Apparently, Blanc’s advice is to just ‘grab her’, just ‘go and do it’. These quotes can be heard in his video aimed at men who want to ‘pick up’ in Tokyo and so Blanc then combines these horrific directions with racist remarks. These remarks included “all you have to do to take the pressure off is yell PIKACHU”, implying that the women in Tokyo are easily manipulated and providing men with ways to do just that. Blanc then describes how once you gain enough confidence and have learned how to grab women off the street, you can then go “romping through the streets, going ‘head on d***’,” this action, statement and advocacy in particular caused my blood to boil.

Just imagine innocent young women, merely walking down the street and being subject to the physical abuse of having their head pulled into Blanc’s, and every other man who believes this is an appropriate and effective ‘method’, crotch. Unfortunately, I find myself without words that fully depict and accurately demonstrate the level of disgust that each and every human being should feel towards this ‘method’.
It is physical abuse to forcefully grab someone else’s head without their permission and drag their head down to that area all against your will.

It is abuse. It is not okay. Who does this man think he is?

In another video, entitled ‘Bang The Hotties By Dissing The Fatties’, Blanc explains to his audience how “fat girls are so happy to get the validation of a cool guy talking to them, so you can get away with a whole lot more”. Do I even need to explain the downright wrong and offensive nature of this comment? Discriminating against ‘fat girls’ and ridiculing ‘them’ is not okay. Ridiculing ANY girl is not okay. What gives Julien Blanc the right to treat women so poorly and advocate for others to do the same? Appalling!

The last thing that I will discuss with you that also alarmed me to incredibly high levels is the fact Blanc strongly encouraged, directed and invited members of his audience and those watching on YouTube to always “be on”, to “make this who you are 24/7”. ‘This’ of course meaning be sexist, be racist and be misogynistic all the damn time.

This man needs to be stopped.

This is rape culture.

He is promoting the acceptance of this culture, making it the norm, causing women all across the world to be viewed even more so as objects.

This is not good enough and should not in any regard be accepted within our society.

Side Note:

Como Melbourne has rightfully listened to the intense and enormous backlash it was receiving for arranging to host a Julien Blanc ‘seminar’ and so has pulled the event – this is a great win for Melbourne however only an incredibly minor step in the #takedownjulienblanc movement.


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