Little Creatures: 222 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

I have celebrated many an occasion at this venue including my birthday and completion of year 12 exams last year. Knowing that my partner had not been before, I thought the perfect opportunity to introduce him to the world of ‘Little Creatures’ was the night of our three and a half year anniversary.

…He loved it, and so did I!

Upon arrival on a Friday night, having to wait for a table is inevitable. However we made the most of it by ordering our entrée of hummus and flat bread at the bar. It was absolutely delicious and provided the perfect distraction to the frustrating employee taking care of those waiting for a table. Unfortunately, in the front area of the restaurant, there were at least four spare tables available however when we approached the staff member and asked if we could sit there, the response was that people were in front of us and we had to wait.

We would have both fully accepted that except for the fact no one was being seated there and after twenty-five minutes of waiting around, we were seated at one of the very tables we brought to her attention. Frustrating for sure, but we were too happy to care too much to be honest.

For main, we ordered grilled chorizo and everyone – you have not lived until you have consumed grilled chorizo from Little Creatures, make no mistake that this dish is my absolute favourite on their menu.

Following this, we also had a bowl of fries and a salami pizza topped with the most perfect mozzarella, capsicum and olives (Not a fan of olives myself).

The service was wonderful, the waiter who took care of us once we were seated was so friendly and you could tell that he really cared about whether you were enjoying yourself and how the food was – a perfect waiter in my opinion.

Overall, this was my fourth dinner at this restaurant and time and time again I am thrilled with the service, the uber-cool atmosphere and the delicious food.

I highly recommend for that special occasion when you’re looking to spend some money on some fantastically fresh and wonderfully flavoursome food, or just dropping in for a beer.


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