Naked in the Sky: 285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Naked In the Sky is THE best rooftop bar in Melbourne.

There ain’t no doubt about it.

Paying this wonderful establishment a visit on a Friday night is never an easy feat, especially when you don’t arrive until 9:30pm, however my partner and I were not deterred by the line and decided to wait.

Surprisingly, it only took a matter of twenty minutes before we found ourselves in the lift eagerly anticipating our arrival at the top.

Once there, it was just like the other two times we had been there: Super duper cool.

The thing I love about this particular bar is that it caters for all ages. All you need to attend is a brilliant style and the right attitude. Seriously, everyone there is dressed impeccably! You have to remember, though, this is a relaxed venue. It doesn’t ask for what you wear when out clubbing, it asks you to dress up, but in a casual, sophisticated kind of way. Make sense?

Once you arrive at the top, the bar greets you on the right-hand side. We ordered drinks straight away and headed to the far right of the premises hoping to get a seat outside with the lovely view of the city. Unfortunately, this is much easier said then done!

The other thing to mention about this venue is that all of its patrons are lovely, polite and lovely. I think this is probably because everyone is just so glad that they’re spending their Friday night in such a cool place (haha).

Plus, Offspring once filmed a scene here. Yep, you are correct: Asher Keddie once stepped foot in this very place. I’ll excuse you whilst you go and start hyperventilating (I sure did when I initially found out!)

Something negative, however, is that the drinks prices are through the roof. Who can blame them though? Being the best rooftop bar in Melbourne you know that people will come far and wide!

Everyone needs to try this venue. Preferably, go a bit earlier to snag a table and chairs but otherwise, just go to enjoy the view, that is truly magnificent. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Side note:

I have only been to one rooftop bar… this one… so I guess I can’t really say it’s the best one in Melbourne but still!


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