The Social Glutton: 103 Burwood Road, Hawthorn

With one exam completed today, there was a cause for celebration. Finishing at 12pm was the perfect time to arrange to have lunch with someone and who better than my Dad who works just down the road from my uni?

Excited at the prospect of finally have lunch after our plans and times have never coincided, I made my way onto Burwood Road to meet my Dad on his lunch break. He had a massive smile on his face, which was absolutely adorable so it was clear that we were about to have a fabulous lunch.

Dad suggested we visit ‘The Social Glutton’, a café that has been open for just twelve months and caters to workers everywhere with their fresh food and affordable prices – I was sitting there wishing there was something similar on Glenferrie Road! Don’t get me wrong, Glenferrie Road has everything under the sun and I count myself lucky to go to a uni that is so well positioned however, there isn’t a café that provides me with what this particular place did.

Upon arrival I was introduced to the owner, Zac, who I might add is a lovely man and a very keen business owner. The one other employee he had on staff at that time was a young female who was widely attentive and very pleasant. The menu was also quite impressive as it was broad and extensive, a great range on offer at great prices – what a fantastic start!

I ordered the chicken slider with tomato relish, spinach and delectable melted cheese: Perfection! What came out, though, was much bigger than I expected. The use of the word ‘slider’ to me implies a smaller burger, but there was nothing small about my meal!

The thing was, having just come out of a three-hour exam, I was overjoyed with what I received. There was just the right amount scrumptious chicken, and the tomato relish was juicy and delicious, the cheese was also spread incredibly well– just what I was hoping for.

The only negative feedback I could possibly provide is that the slider had far too much spinach in it and I found myself pulling most of it. But other than that, it was an incredibly yummy lunch, and all for just $11. (Not kidding!)

Dad ordered the BLT, which came out on what appeared to be fresh, thick and yummy white bread and was toasted to perfection – he enjoyed it very much.

I would recommend this café to anyone looking for a well-valued meal that is guaranteed to be exactly the right size for all – I will be back!


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