Cavallini: 354 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill

As we walked along Queens Parade following a lovely browse around the gorgeous boutiques situated located there, Mum and I went past Cavallini. Whilst we have been aware of its existence and popularity for years, we had never gone in and after seeing the delectable chocolate croissants sitting in the window, which are major weaknesses for us both; we just had to venture inside.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t exactly ‘venture inside’ as the line was out the door! Once inside, we saw incredible baguettes, macaroons, cakes and tarts that were so appealing that I wanted to take it all home! We decided to purchase four chocolate croissants and three baguettes with asiago cheese, rocket, tomato and prosciutto. A friendly staff member assisted us and were impressed at the service quality given how clearly flat-out the shop was.

With both lunch and afternoon tea sorted with such astonishing food – Saturday promised to be a fantastic day and I can tell you right now, that we were not disappointed.

We toasted the baguettes back at home to utter perfection and without needing anything else to accompany them, tucked into our meal that was so clearly a wonderful find. Following events in the afternoon, we came home and tucked into a quarter of the chocolate croissants each and whilst we felt jibbed on the limited amount of chocolate, were still exceptionally satisfied with the quality of them.

Honestly, everyone needs to head down to Cavallini. It is like a much smaller version of Brunetti’s and promises to provide with all of your pastry and dessert needs. Because let’s be honest, we all have them!

Side Note: This bakery is cash only.


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