Keegan: 386 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill

With my first year of university down and given that I had nothing else planned for my Saturday morning, I decided to take my mother down to Queens Parade, Clifton Hill for a look around.

Whilst we didn’t find anything that we desperately needed/wanted so headed to the new store ‘Keegan’ just down the road. This shop is vastly different to ‘Inzagi’ through offering a product that is primarily created and made at the store. Isn’t that amazing? Whilst the prices are therefore more expensive, if you are looking for a quality, versatile and downright stunning piece to tie your wardrobe together – then this is the store for you.

Whilst we weren’t greeted by the staff member at the store, I was well and truly impressed and in awe of the offering of this store. With very basic foundation colours of black, white and grey dominating the clothes, the store oozed of elegance and a substantial attention to detail. This attention to detail is profusely evident in the jewellery range at the store, which was a combination of ‘Keegan’ pieces that were mostly gold, and various colourful earrings from different brands made offsite.

The jewellery on offer at ‘Keegan’ was so stunning and I want to add all of their gold pieces to my wish list! Also, they had these incredible ponchos that were unbelievably warm and wonderfully made – definitely an addition to my wish list!

‘Keegan’ is a beautiful store there is no doubt about that and is completely worth the visit, however be prepared for the greater prices – after all, the clothes are made onsite!


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