‘New Thang’: RedFoo

In recent times, RedFoo has come under intense scrutiny and experienced an extremely negative backlash for his latest release “Literally I Can’t”. For everyone with any form of common sense; this reaction has been more than justified.

Before you stop reading this post due to being sick of the debate and controversy surrounding “Literally I Can’t” let me just say that this post is primarily not about that particular song.

The song I wish to discuss is called “New Thang”.

My initial question is why hasn’t “New Thang” been shown the same blatant objection and downfall from the media as “Literally I Can’t”? Yes, the lyrics sung in “Literally I Can’t” are absolutely horrific and the contents of the video are appalling, however this is the same for “New Thang”…

For starters, the title implies all sorts of objectivity. The women dancing in the film clip are RedFoo’s ‘things’, not women, not females, not partners, not lovers, not friends, but ‘things’.

No one appreciates this RedFoo – no one.

It is not remotely humorous, endearing or sexy (I am trying to figure out what approach you have attempted) to call a woman “thang” and it never will be.

Not only is it wildly disrespectful and offensive it takes objectification to all new levels.

Already, I was angry at you and I hadn’t even heard the song.

It took all of four seconds for that anger to increase due a female walking across the camera to the right hand of the screen with her underwear showing – objectification much? Honestly.

Soon, it cuts to RedFoo losing his mind over ANOTHER girl playing OMG: TD, a game, on her phone (Product placement, AH it hurts).

At twenty seconds it gets oh so much worse, RedFoo pops his pelvis to hit this same girl on her backside, much to the young woman’s disgust but of course he pulls her into a hug and all is good! This promotion of tapping a woman from behind with your crotch and then hugging her to make it all better reminds me of Julien Blanc’s tactics and makes me feel profusely sick to the stomach.

At forty seconds a strange looking man with a creepy moustache and disgusting hair extensions dressed in nothing but tight leather pants enters the scene playing the trumpet. All of the females in the video are in awe of him and a competition between himself and RedFoo ensues.

Unfortunately, at one minute and ten seconds my blood boils. RedFoo decides to take out his ‘GoPro’ and film underneath of one the dancers skirts – because that is so normal and acceptable in everyday society.


The promotion of under-skirt filming repulses me. I actually cannot even begin to describe exactly what I feel toward this other than it is downright illegal. RedFoo is explaining to males everywhere that it is acceptable to look under women’s skirts and the clear product placement (again, really? AH) of ‘GoPros’ is appalling, how on earth was this approved?

At two minutes and twenty seconds we cut to an attractive, blonde woman who happens to be running with her breasts partly showing. Women are more than allowed to do this, however what she is described as is appalling.

RedFoo claims “You ain’t nothing but a flirt, the way you bouncing in that shirt”. Sorry to break it to you, but that young woman running on that track right there is much more than a “flirt”. She is a woman who appears to be in her late-twenties and has made the unfortunate choice of being a part of your video and probably only did so to make a buck – what we are all trying to do in this world.

More importantly, just because she may have a low-cut top on and is showing some skin, this does not mean that she is attempting to tease you or entice you.

NEWSFLASH: Women do not exist to dress up or do things for a man. This woman in the film clip has the right to wear and do as she pleases and her intentions are most probably far from doing anything for you, RedFoo.

The video ends with RedFoo being fed up with all of the women in the film clip magically being drawn to the man with the trumpet and pelvis thrusting. He grabs his own trumpet and positions himself in various physical states and does his own pelvis thrusts.

He appears to have won the ‘competition’ as all the girls swarm to his side and appear to be utterly obsessed – fascinating.

In total, the film clip presents seven different girls that RedFoo briefly becomes close with, very much keeping in tune with the title of the song and constantly meeting “New Thang(s)”. I am not necessarily concerned with the amount of women the singer becomes involved with, however what is alarming is the way he portrays and advocates how men can do this. Pelvis popping, putting a woman against a wall upon first encounter, calling them “nothing but flirts”, the list goes on!

I hope it is now clear that “Literally I Can’t” is not just the only offensive and sexist song that RedFoo has released recently, and not to mention the numerous other songs containing horrific lyrics such as “Champagne Showers”!

Rant = Over.


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