The Foreigner: 31 Ivanhoe Parade, Ivanhoe

Having walked past this café dozens of times in the past few weeks, my mother and I have been desperate to try it.

So, on Friday afternoon on Mum’s lunch break, my brother and I met her for lunch.

There is no denying the café has been beautifully designed. With a bench accompanied by stools along the length of the windowsill, a large communal table at the front and tables all the way along the right hand side of the café, the space has been used extremely well.

As suckers for anything white, Mum and I instantly adored the consistent use of the colour, including the gorgeous white tiles placed on the wall of the counter.

Greeted by friendly, pleasant faces and happy hellos we were initially impressed with all things ‘Foreigner’.

Unfortunately, whilst the menu is great, it is quite limited. It is easy to assume that this café is more focused on breakfast than lunch, which isn’t such a bad thing! However, it may be a struggle for some to find something that completely satisfies their lunch desires, sometimes all you need is a simple toasted sandwich.

My brother and I decided upon the ‘Braised Beef Brisket’. It arrived with the perfect amount of beef – not too much and not too little – along with lovely roast capsicum, rocket and fetta. I am not a major fan of fetta myself, wouldn’t even label myself as a cheese person at all so the fact the fetta was not too overpowering was welcomed.

Mum ordered the ‘Haloumi Stack’ with asparagus and tomato and asked for salmon to be added which was not a problem for the café at all – tick!

Mum and I also had the ‘Refreshmint’ Juice with watermelon, mint and strawberries, which was truly divine, and was exactly what we needed on a warm, summary afternoon.

Overall, I am absolutely thrilled with this new addition to Ivanhoe. We do not have many cafes worth paying a visit and the fact ‘The Foreigner’ is trendy, friendly, has fresh and good quality food – you can’t lose! I’m sure that as time goes on, the menu may be extended through feedback.

Definitely recommend to all!


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