The St Kilda Dispensary: 13 Brighton Rd, St Kilda

Knowing I would be spending the day in St Kilda, and also being unfamiliar with the area, I searched and searched Broadsheet for the perfect café and decided upon the St Kilda Dispensary.

Located on Brighton Road, the Dispensary is lonesome with no surrounding cafes. Immediately noticing white tables and stools positioned on the sidewalk just outside of the café, I can tell already that I am going to love this cafe.

With blue and white walls inside, the café oozes a sense of cuteness. The café itself is not all too large and is separated into two sections. Each section hosts a large communal table and white tiled benches that line the windowsills.

The counter also serves well to the trend of white tiles, and displays many a sweet treat including freshly made lamingtons and enormous sugary donuts – how divine!

Greeted with smiling faces we decided to sit at the bench located at the front of the shop, onlooking the busyness of Brighton Rd. Unfortunately, the staff were not as attentive as I would have hoped and this was not at all helped by the fact that we were both extremely hungry.

The menu was incredibly appealing and definitely caters to all tastes. We ordered the ‘Roasted Chicken Toasted Flatbread’, which came with mayo, rocket and Spanish onion, as well as the ‘Spicy Piadina’, which came with hot Sopressa salami, cheese, chilli and avocado on the side, and decided to share.

Both dishes were absolutely wonderful. I particularly appreciated the avocado that accompanied the ‘Spicy Piadina’ as it truly was one spicy lunch!

The food was fresh, filling and it was obvious quality produce was used, however the Piadina was most definitely my favourite out of the two.

I will definitely be returning and I am eager to do so. Anyone interested in a day down in St Kilda…? Let me know.

I promise, you won’t regret trying this café!

Urbanspoon rating: 91%


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