The Naked Espresso Bar: 390 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

Finding a café open on a Monday no easy feat. Upon spending a great amount of time on Broadsheet searching for a place for my best friend and I to visit for lunch, I stumbled upon ‘The Naked Espresso Bar’.

Having seen the tiny little space that made up this café, it was clear that this place was the perfect spot to have a relaxed lunch with fantastic company in small and quiet space.

Unfortunately, staff did not greet us once we arrived, which is always discouraging. We took a seat at the back of the café and began scouring our menus, each of us hungry and keen for a yummy lunch. The menu was great, at reasonable prices; the food was very appealing including things like the ‘Salmon Bagel’. We both decided to have the ‘Haloumi Toastie’, however were awfully disappointed when told that the café was out of Haloumi.

Instead, we decided to each order the ‘salad’ of the day, comprising of ‘Quinoa, tomato, fetta and rocket with a delicious dressing’. Large in size, the salad filled us both right up and was just what we needed.

Whilst we didn’t indulge ourselves, ‘The Naked Espresso Bar’ had a lovely array of yummy pastries and donuts that looked absolutely divine, which is great to know for future visits!

The best part was that even though my friend and I almost hit the two hour mark of our lunch, we were not rushed by staff in any way and given time to chat, no matter how loud we were, and we both very much appreciated this.

Overall, this little lunch spot is great for anyone looking for an affordable meal in a lovely little spot located down Little Bourke Street – definitely recommend!

Urbanspoon rating: 92% (their coffee is meant to be amazing!)


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