Mr Tulk: State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne

With the intention to complete all of my Christmas shopping in one swift day in the CBD, I ventured to all sorts of stores hunting down personal gifts for my family. Focused and determined, I decided to tackle the task alone.

In under an hour I managed to purchase the perfect gifts for everyone and could then comfortably sit down for a bite to eat with a great book (Currently, I am reading The Great Gatsby – fantastic read.)

One of my favourite cafes in the city to visit on days like the intense shopping day I experienced yesterday is ‘Mr Tulk’. Located on the left-hand side of the State Library ‘Mr Tulk’ is forever busy, making for a great atmosphere with a range of customers, including businessmen and women, RMIT University students (during semester, of course!) and those spending the day in the city.

Wonderfully welcomed, I was seated at the communal table to the right of the space. I discovered this café early this year when I had my heart set on attending RMIT University (I now very happily attend Swinburne University!) and my main attraction to the café was the extensive menu that seemed to cater for absolutely everyone and the incredibly reasonable prices that accompany the dishes.

Having ordered my favourite dish, the ‘Salami Flatbread’ with Bocconcini, Sweet Tomato and Mild Chilli, the friendly staff member looking after me proceeded to make conversation and ensure that I was content. I appreciative of this as I was dining alone, something I do not often do! Big tick of approval for the great customer service from me.

As per usual, the ‘Salami Flatbread’ was outstanding. It contained just the right amount of spice and filled me right up! For only ten dollars, this lunch really was a steal because let us be honest, it is quite unheard of to visit a café with a particularly affordable menu.

Afterwards, I ordered an ‘Apple and Guava’ juice made by the legends at Phoenix NZ – I ADORE their drinks. Yum yum, what a fabulous way to end such a lovely lunch!

I highly recommend ‘Mr Tulk’ for anyone looking for a relaxed lunch meal with a budget; I will be back very soon!

Urbanspoon rating: 79%


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