Mixed Business: 486 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill is a fabulous area. With a diverse variety of cafes, clothing and homewares stores, Queens Parade really is the perfect destination for any afternoon.

‘Mixed Business’ is a gorgeous little café located down the very end of the Parade and with a wooden picket fence out the front, has a certain charm that is hard to ignore.

Inside, the café has a large communal table accompanied by tables for two and larger tables for four with the counter, filled with delicious treats, lining down the right-hand side of the café and the kitchen located at the very back.

Unfortunately, it was quite chaotic upon our arrival at ‘Mixed Business’ so the lovely waitress, who we were greeted by, guided us to the seating area outside. I had never been seated this area of the café before and immediately loved the stunning surrounds with flowers, cute chairs and big bushes creating very private spaces with tables enclosed.

The great thing about this café is that the prices are very affordable, a fantastic spot for four university students!

Whilst our friends were not hungry, my partner and I ordered the ‘Herb Crumbed Free Range Chicken Hot Roll’ with lemon mayo, roast capsicum, seeded mustard and fresh slaw as well the ‘Pork and Fennel Meatball Hot Roll’ with tomato sauce, Swiss cheese and pickle and shared, like always.

Both incredibly large in size, the dishes were exactly what we needed and for just ten dollars and fifty cents – it doesn’t get much better than that!

The ‘Chicken Herb Hot Roll’ was most definitely my favourite of the two. With lovely seasoning, perfectly cooked chicken and tasty roast capsicum, the roll was just great. Unfortunately, ‘Meatball Hot Roll’ had me quite disappointed. I found the meatballs to be undercooked and, in fact, I could not finish the dish.

On the plus side, the service was divine. The staff were extremely attentive and wanted to ensure we were happy with everything, which we both appreciated.

Overall, the lunch was quite enjoyable, however on my next visit I will be avoiding the ‘Meatball Hot Roll’.

I definitely recommend ‘Mixed Business’, it is perfect for catching up with friends and for a hearty meal that sets you up very well for the day ahead or remainder of it!

Urbanspoon rating: 91%


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