Va Tutto: 226 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe 3079

Planning activities for New Year’s Eve is always a major struggle for me. For most of my childhood we went as a family and saw the 9:30pm fireworks, which was always so enjoyable. Now that I am past the age of 18, there is an immense expectation that as a legal adult you have to have extravagant plans and make it the most amazing night of the year – newsflash: this expectation is ridiculous!!! Needless to say, however, spending time with my family and my partner on this night never disappoints.

This year, my partner and I decided to go to ‘Va Tutto’ for a late dinner at 8pm followed by attending the midnight fireworks in Melbourne’s CBD.

So we dressed up and headed to ‘Va Tutto’ for a special NYE meal.

With the bar located at the front, the bar staff were not as pleasant as I would’ve expected and in fact did not say a thing when we entered the venue. A mere look up from what they were doing was our greeting, but I understand that NYE is an incredibly chaotic night for such a well respected restaurant, so I’ll let it slide – but I expect more next time!

‘Va Tutto’ is divided into two sections with the restaurant at the back behind the bar and the bistro at the front. Both sections have a fantastic view of the kitchen that is always amazing to watch due to its intense and hectic atmosphere. On this particular occasion, we sat in the bistro.

The menu is quite extensive and caters to all tastes with seafood dishes, dishes from the grill, pizza and pasta all included.

Surprisingly, none of the entrees jumped out at us (you must keep in mind that we are on a university student budget so an entrée for nearly $30 isn’t very appealing!).

Whilst this may be frustrating for others, we were both pleased when the waitress looking after us was too busy to take our orders for twenty minutes. Of course, not actually having dinner until roughly 8:30pm is always going to be a struggle, however ‘Va Tutto’ is known to rush it’s patrons so this was something we secretly appreciated.

So we decided to share the herb bread to begin and my goodness it did not disappoint! With delicious cheese, herbs and a whole lot of oil it was the perfect way to start our meal.

For main, we decided to share two pizzas. One had salami, cheese, tomato and pork sausage, which I would have liked had it not been for the pork sausage – far too meaty for me! The second was a non-meat pizza with roast capsicum, tomato, onion, cheese and rocket – it was absolutely DIVINE! This pizza had all of my favourite ingredients on it and I absolutely adored it.

Overall, the meal was very satisfying and we received great service from all waiters who served us.

I would definitely recommend ‘Va Tutto’ for a special occasion and look forward to one day to dining in the restaurant section


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