5 and Dime Bagel: Katherine Place, Melbourne VIC 3000

Having worked at an artisan bakery for nearly four years now, I am absolutely obsessed with bagels.

Whilst waiting for a marketing lecture to begin late last year, I was on my computer checking my emails when Broadsheet’s weekly Wednesday email popped up. The email announced that a new bagel shop was opening in the city just around the corner from Southern Cross station and how it was a must try.

Finally an opportunity to try the new café arose.

Greeted by friendly faces, we stood and admired the large array of delicious bagels – there was so much to choose from!

From ‘cinnamon and raisin’ bagels to ‘salt’ bagels, there truly was a bagel for everyone. And not to mention that for just $2 a bagel, they are incredibly affordable!

For $4.50 you can get basic spreads to cover your lovely boiled bagel including hummus, which is definitely a favourite of mine. For $5.50 spreads available including hot smoked salmon cream cheese. And the best part? Extras like tomato and vegemite are absolutely free!

Large in size, one bagel is more than enough for one’s lunch, however with such low prices, you are able to purchase two bagels for under $10 – why hasn’t anyone thought of this before!

For my first bagel, I chose to have the ‘onion’ bagel with hummus which was just perfection. Not too much onion, a generous amount of hummus, so yummy. I then chose the ‘salt’ bagel purely out of curiosity and again chose hummus as the spread. The salt bagel was delicious also, it is basically a plain white bagel with rock salt pieces on top, yum!

A popular place among workers from around the area, it is easy to see why.

5 and Dime Bagel have a fantastic yet simple product, fresh ingredients, low prices and friendly and efficient staff who deem your satisfaction most important. What more could you possibly want?

I am hoping to return this week, and needless to say, I most definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Urbanspoon rating: 94%


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