Bond Lounge Bar: 24 Bond Street, Melbourne

In August of last year, I began a new job at The Big Group, an enormously well respected events company in Australia that is based in Melbourne.

An entirely new scene for me, I have loved learning the ins and outs of hospitality and have met some lovely people!

Having never been to a work Christmas Party before, I didn’t really have any idea of what to expect when I was sent the invitation to The Big Group’s Christmas Party last year.

James Bond themed and located at a brand new venue called the Bond Bar, it was instantly clear this was going to be no ordinary party.

My thoughts: What an Earth do I wear!? My incredible Ellery dress that I wore to my year 11 formal – the love of my life? I soon came to the conclusion that this was a terrible idea as the alcohol is going to be free and the combination of that with lots of young people is a recipe for disaster!

So I decided upon a sliver Bec and Bridge number that I wore to my 18th birthday, perfect.

As my friends and I walked down the red carpeted entrance to the Bond Bar, I knew this was going to be an awesome night filled with dancing and laughter.

The implication inside of exclusivity and glamour is immediately made. With a black interior from the floor to the ceiling, this venue screams elegance.

As you enter, there is a bar located to your right cornered off by glass designed in a circular shape, this area was used mainly by our senior staff members at The Big Group. As far as high class goes, that bar was just superb.

For the rest of us, we walked down a few steps and landed ourselves on the dance floor. A wide open space with their downstairs bar just metres away, it was a divine set up. The design of the bar was insane, vodka bottles lined the wall behind it and they went all the way up to the ceiling and amazingly, they all changed colours! Very cool.

On the left-hand-side gorgeously large love seats with mini tables to rest your drinks on, lined the wall. These seats were so comfortable and were just perfect for resting my poor old feet having danced in heels all night!

Whilst the food wasn’t what us as staff members who are employed at such a prestigious company are used too, it was tasty and flavorsome. The real appeal of this venue, however, lies within its interior design and arhitecture rather than how well it can satisfy your hunger needs.

This venue sure is one of a kind. I highly recommend it if you are looking to go all out for an event – the vibe was terrific, the waitresses/waiters were all incredibly friendly and with such an awesome interior – what could be better?

Urbanspoon rating: 81%


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