Ariana Grande: Twitter Essay

From a very young age my younger sister has adored Ariana Grande. This love greatly stemmed from Grande’s role as ‘Cat’ on the Nickelodeon television series ‘Victorious’ and incredible YouTube videos Grande would share of her fabulous celebrity impersonations.

Whilst I never quite understood my sister’s obsession, I can now safely say that I am a massive Ariana Grande fan too.

Yesterday the pop star uploaded a ‘Twitter essay’ to her Twitter account and had me nodding my head profusely as I couldn’t help but agree with everything she wrote.

Having gone through a recent break up with rapper ‘Big Sean’, Grande has been subject to interview question after interview question regarding the demise of her eight-month long public relationship. And yes, I understand that as a public figure with thousands of devoted fans and her fair share of critics, this unfortunately is, like all other celebrities, ‘just’ part of the job for Grande.

I now invite you to take a read of her ‘Twitter essay’ below and see how far the media have taken the break up questions, the result of constant interest in just one aspect of Grande’s life.

Ariana Grande

My favourite parts include:

‘I…do not belong. To anyone. But myself. And neither do you.’

I think this ‘realisation’ and conclusion is so important for young women everywhere to understand. Having a young man or young woman in your life is a wonderful thing – I know that all too well. However, having a dependency on someone else for happiness, confidence or self-esteem is a dangerous, dangerous game that you do not want to be a part of.

Grande is more so getting at the way the media imply that she previously belonged to Big Sean and that without him, how is she coping? How has her life changed? Has she moved on? Does she feel lonely? Ariana’s answer? WHO CARES!

The reference to Gloria Steinem’s article ‘After Black Power, Women’s Liberation’ written in 1969 is nothing short of enormously impressive by Grande. ‘…46 years later…we’re still not quite there yet’! Ariana is so right. We are not at the point where we can safely say ‘women and men are equals’. (We haven’t achieved equality for African American people either for that matter). As a powerful influencer amongst her fans and women alike, it is absolutely fantastic that she has pointed out an immense fault within our society, something that must be continually worked on to change.

There is a humongous problem within society and in particularly the rapping community about the shaming of women in regards to their sex lives.

A woman is referred to as ‘hoe’ or ‘bitch’, as Ariana points out. There is no respect for women, just blatant misogyny. A woman has no value as a person or individual when referred to as one of those hideous labels and is degraded as a human being. Where is the degrading reference to men in songs and music? What’s that? They don’t exist? Exactly. There is not a reciprocal shameful label for men. Misogyny in the rapping industry is disgusting and alive and well against women of all ages.

But my absolute favourite line in this essay? It is, ‘I have never felt more present, grounded and satisfied. I’ve never laughed harder or had more fun or enjoyed my life more’. Ariana has a wide range of fans of all different ages but mostly, they are young, impressionable, teenage women and I commend her greatly for standing up against sexism, sharing her opinions and views and empowering her fans to be strong and revolt against this idea of needing a man in their lives.

Bravo Ariana Grande, bravo.


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