United Arab Eatery: 107 High St, Preston 3072

Located in High Street Preston, the United Arab Eatery is a new restaurant with simple, yet delectable Middle Eastern food.

My best friend and I were on the hunt for a mid-week restaurant when I came across this one on Broadsheet.

The United Arab Eatery is a small restaurant and with only one waiter, is evident upon first walking in that simplicity is a key attribute.

My friend and I chose to sit at one of the small wooden booths that lined the left side of the restaurant, perfectly cosy for a catch-up.

For entrée, we shared the ‘Dips’, which came with babaganouij, beetroot, dukkah and delicious flatbread. A large plate of food, this dish took us awhile to get through, yet I was left licking my fingers at the end! The dips were so fresh and flavoursome and I’m not even a beetroot fan!

For main, my friend ordered the ‘Sliver Fox’ pizza, which had tomato, mozzarella, sliver beet, pine nuts and fetta for the toppings. Very satisfied with her choice, she finished the entire pizza – scrumptious!

As for myself, I chose my pizza based purely on the fact it had halloumi cheese on it (biggest fan!). It was called ‘Sounds Greek to me’ and had mozzarella, halloumi, potato, sliver beet and oregano. It was divine and the chefs certainly piled on the halloumi making me one very happy diner.

What I loved about this restaurant was the unassuming shop front and humble interior and yet the food you received was second to none. Fresh and tasty food is exactly what you get at this cute little Middle Eastern Restaurant and I cannot recommend it more for that quiet meal with friends.

The prices are incredibly affordable for the portion sizes you receive and the service is very pleasant. Open for lunch and dinner, dips and pizza is not all that is on the menu. With dishes including quail, Egyptian lamb shank with smokey eggplant and onion rings and grilled duck breast, you are bound to find something that takes your fancy.

I cannot wait to return! Anyone free this week for dinner?


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