Breaking Up with Novak

World Number One tennis player and a beautiful looking human being. That’s Novak.


I have loved Novak for as long as I can remember. Recently, ANZ were sponsoring him for the Australian Open and Novak’s face was on billboards everywhere. I used to pose next to him to show my family how close and in love we were. I know it sounds strange, but I appreciated Novak’s talent and looks and hey – that’s a great base for a relationship! The only problem was, whilst I wanted him all to myself, he was married and I absolutely love his wife! I think she is divine, and I always said that I would never want to actually break them up, I respect their relationship and how great they seem together, #cuties.


Unfortunately, as I was catching up on some news yesterday, I came across an article about Novak, titled ‘Djokovic fuels equality pay debate in tennis’. Instantly, I was worried. Was I about to read some really offensive comments that my long-term boyfriend made?


The first sentence confirms my initial concern, “world number one Novak Djokovic has indicated men’s tennis should get more prize money than women because it has more spectators as a new controversy over equality in the sport erupted”.


Why Novak, why?


Being paid based on the amount of people in the audience watching you play is not a fair way to determine a player’s salary.


What is fair is being paid an equal amount for doing the EXACT same job, no matter your gender. Basing one’s salary on the amount of spectator’s they attract leaves women at a significant disadvantage. Sportswomen are simply not as appreciated, respected, encouraged or celebrated enough in comparison to their male counterparts.


This is not the fault of female players.


If Novak truly believed that a tennis player’s salary should be based on spectator count, then this should also mean that his fellow male tennis players who do not draw as large of an audience as Novak does, then they too, should be paid less.


Of course, there was absolutely no mention of other male tennis stars being awarded less for doing the exact same job, just the difference between female and male audiences.


Honestly, I, like many other individuals, cannot believe that people STILL think that females should be paid less even for doing the exact same job. Are we not past this? Do we really STILL have to justify how women and men are equals, nothing more, nothing less? This is ridiculous!


What’s worse is that these remarks have come from such an influential sportsman and young men and women look up to him. He is the World Number One!


We ALL have a responsibility to ensure we only ever build women up; ensure that we are working towards closing the gender pay gap and when participating in conversations about gender equality, voicing disgust that we still have not reached total equality for the genders.


Novak has an even greater responsibility due to his position in this world.


Let us not stand idle and merely accept that women should be paid less for the same job. Let us not deflect from the rights of women.


It’s hard; my relationship with Novak is finished. But trust me, I won’t be upset for too long – no one wants to be with someone who doesn’t understand how important gender equality is.


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