Hello and welcome! My name is Ally and I am a Communications student majoring in Public Relations.

I love all things fashion, feminism and food and have created this space to share these loves with you all.

When it comes to fashion my style is classic with my mantra being less is more. I will be documenting my opinions on new trends, sharing my wishlists for each month and describing my latest purchases. I hope that you find these insightful and as fun to discuss/view as I do!

When it comes to feminism I am extremely passionate about achieving a society where the need to strive for equality for women can only be found in the history books.
Where women are equally paid without question, where there is no such thing as ‘slut-shaming’, where I am not fearful when walking home in the dark, where my mother will not have to tell me to take a friend to the bathroom at whilst at university, a time where a female politician can be elected Prime Minister in Australia and not feel some sort of reluctance or concern of the treatment she may receive, a time where women are not called ‘bossy’ where men are called ‘thorough’ or ‘strong’ and a time when the objectification of women is such a disgusting and appalling prospect that it is never, ever considered in any regard.
For this element of my blog, I will be sharing my experiences, beliefs and thoughts with you.

When it comes to food anyone close to me will tell you that I eat all day, everyday and, in incredibly large quantities. I personally believe food is wonderful, a wonderful part of life and I am never one to deny myself of this wonder!
I will be documenting the cafes, restaurants and bars I visit and providing my recommendation to you all – whether that be positive or negative!

My interests outside of these three topics include social media, volunteering in communications, attending music concerts, walking my dog Lenny, drinking tea, going to yoga classes with my partner and dancing (regularly).

So thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and I look forward to taking this journey with you all.


Twitter: ally_avit


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