Being a Girl is an Insult (apparently)

Just a few days ago, I was in a situation that left me feeling wildly uncomfortable and disappointed. A slightly older, male member of the social group I was sitting with made a comment to a male in the group who is the same age as me that was of such poor taste.

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‘New Thang’: RedFoo

In recent times, RedFoo has come under intense scrutiny and experienced an extremely negative backlash for his latest release “Literally I Can’t”. For everyone with any form of common sense; this reaction has been more than justified.

Before you stop reading this post due to being sick of the debate and controversy surrounding “Literally I Can’t” let me just say that this post is primarily not about that particular song.

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Julie Bishop

When Ms Bishop came out recently and announced to Australians that she, indeed, was not a feminist I was shocked.
And I do not think I was the only one!

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